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Welcome to The Pottersville Church

Are you looking for a place of worship where you can experience God's power and presence, then i recommend the Pottersville Church

Pottersville Church


Sunday Destiny Service


Day: Every Sunday

Venue: Pottersville Churc, Santeo East Legon Hills.


Tuesday Prophetic Service


Day: Every Tuesdy


Friday Prophetic Service


Day: Every Friday

Venue: East Legon Hills, Santeo


Take a glance of our monthly and yearly of programs of the Pttersville church. You may join us in any of these service days for prayer.

This program is one of the annual programs of the BSOM ministry. It is a program you can't afford to miss

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This is 21 days fasting and prayers is a yearly event that preceeds The Oil To Prosper Conference

This is one of the programs organised to help acknowldge Fathers

You must not sit down thinking your blessings and opportunities will come on a silver platter, rise and fight.

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